Smitten with Inspiration


Do you ever wonder where the ideas of your favorite authors come from? What goes on in their heads to be able to create the things that we read? I’ve often times wondered in amazement at not only the words, but the perfection of the story unfolding. Through books I’ve been able to go to some awesome places and meet some amazing characters. I have a few favorite authors I’m so inspired by, that I’d pay to spend just one day picking their brains.

Back in 2008 I lost my father. It was a very hard time for me. I found myself having to grow up, take on more responsibility, and be strong for those around me in a way I’d never had to do before. I took comfort in reading books that took me away and allowed me to escape for a while into another world.

As an artist, I not only admired the authors, but I was curious what it took to create on that level. Not just with paints and canvas, but to create worlds with words and paint pictures in a readers mind. I’d dabbled with writing poems and songs and even a short story a time or two, but I had never really created anything on the scale of a novel or the worlds I was reading about. Inspiration struck, and I was smitten.


As smitten as I was with the idea, I was also unsure how to begin. I needed a message, a plot, characters, a world, and an ending. So I began a process that took me on the great adventure of writing a book.

Working on my Light Keeper series has been a wonderful time and I’m blessed to be having it published with Booktrope. My life has taken a wonderful turn and I find myself devoting more time to writing and making art with words. I’ve had several great opportunities to do interviews for bloggers and the one question that I am asked over and over is what has inspired me to write. The answer is simple. I was inspired by other authors and I wanted to see if I could. So I did. Of course I had a lot of encouragement to actually do something with it, but I took that first step on my own.

Creating my Light Keepers and taking my readers on a journey with Lily and her friends has been so much fun. Lily is an ordinary girl with extraordinary gifts and talents, which she’s just scratching the surface of. Like Lily, we all have some amazing gifts and talents. I was inspired to write, so I chose to send the message about how we should all use our gifts and let our inner lights shine. It’s an important message and I’m glad I didn’t sit content to just dream of writing a book. I hope by doing so, I’ve inspired others. If you have a dream you should go for it. See if you can. You might surprise yourself like I did.

Happy Reading,

~Kelly <3

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