My Ghost Road Experience


Last week on my blog I paid tribute to the road that inspired me to write my Light Keeper series. I also made a promise to share with you my own personal paranormal experience with the road. So here it is.

Yes, it’s true! My family and I had our own experience with the Light on Bragg Road. While I was writing The Legend of the Light Keeper, my husband would take me out to ride the road for inspiration. We’d load our sons in the Jeep and head out to the old stretch, knowing we’d see the eerie glow of headlights in the distance. It was fun, cheap entertainment. As a skeptic the stories would intrigue me, but I never really thought it was more than the optical illusion I’d seen and heard about many times before. At least not until a bright, glowing orb appeared right ahead of us in the middle of the road.

The object seemed to glow on its own and was about the size of a softball, yet it was hard to determine if our headlights were reflecting off something from that far away or not. After watching the bright object, we guessed that it must be a beer or soda can reflecting off our headlights. We all watched it, expecting that at any minute of our slow pace, we’d be close enough to read the label. We called out which name brands we thought it would be and laughed it off, but then when it was just about fifteen feet away, it suddenly brightened and shot straight up into the air.

Bending down in my seat, I kept my eyes on it until it disappeared above the treetops. The orb never stopped glowing on its way up, it never changed size, and it only stopped shining once it passed the tree line where it seemed to burn out.

We were silent for a few seconds, each of us trying to process what had just happened. Did we really just see that? Did that really just happen? Yes, it had! Finally, we all talked at once about how awesome it was. We questioned if this was the same Light we’d always heard about and shared our theories, but I was determined to let logical thinking prevail.

Maybe it was a bird and what we saw were its eyes reflecting off our headlights? But then how did the reflections never change? I mean, at some point a bird wouldn’t have his eyes in my direction. The reflection would have disappeared as it flew up past the beams. If it were a bird that big, wouldn’t we have seen its body too? Surely some light would have reflected off the wings? Wouldn’t we have seen two eyes reflecting so close, and not just one? Why didn’t it stop at the trees instead of over them?

I have thought out every possible scenario for a logical explanation about what we saw that night, and honestly, I can’t tell you what it was. Was it the Ghost Light? Was it something else I haven’t considered that is perfectly normal? We will never know. Am I trying to convince anyone to believe me? Absolutely not.  Believe what you want. I’m not saying that there couldn’t be a “normal” explanation, but I haven’t found one on my own.

The fun is not knowing. What I have is a story like many others. I’ll share it with people, knowing it will gain me some silly stares and a few questions of my sanity, but that’s okay. It’s something that my family and I experienced together, and something we’ll never forget.  To me that’s all that really matters. We went out seeking fun and found it, along with a memory that will surely be passed down to my grandchildren someday. Every now and then, just for fun, we go back and hope to see it again.

So, if you are ever out in Southeast Texas and you’re looking for some spooky fun, head on out to Bragg Road and see if you can catch a glimpse of the Bragg Light. If you have your own story, feel free to share. If you have any guesses as to what we saw, I’d love to hear them!

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