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This week’s blog is in honor of Mireille Chester’s new release, Crossover (The Chosen Trilogy: book one)! Today is her release day, and I’m gearing up to go celebrate with her at her release party! So join me in congratulating her and wishing her the best of success!



Crossover (The Chosen One Trilogy: book one)



Twenty-three-year-old Hayden Carlson never led an exciting life, but that was how she preferred it. She never expected that an innocent trail ride in the woods would change her life forever. Suddenly, Hayden is pulled into a world she never knew existed and discovers a future awaits her there she isn’t prepared to accept…until she meets the mysterious Jasper. Drawn to his quiet, conflicted spirit and entranced by his blue eyes, Hayden finds herself experiencing feelings she has never felt before and wondering where all this might lead.

Hayden’s presence in Quelondain creates tension. Amidst constant danger, she finds true love and through it all determines where she will take her stand in the conflict her arrival ignites between good and evil.

If you love fantasy, action, and romance, Crossover-Book One in a debut Fantasy Romance trilogy by Mireille Chester—is for you.


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Author Bio:

Mireille Chester is a stay at home mom of three children and wife to an amazingly supportive husband. Her time is spent playing with the kids, reading, writing, and watching movies with her hubby.

Mireille is a fantasy author who loves to spend time in made up worlds filled with magic. She is a firm believer that no hero is perfect and that all villains are burdened with a tiny shred of humanity. While she writes her Adult and YA novels under the name Mireille Chester, she is now writing a middle grade series under the name M.G. Chester.


Other books by Mireille:



  1. The Chosen One Trilogy: Crossover, Journey, Destiny
  2. The Witteck Chronicles: A Witteck’s Dream, A Witteck’s Call (coming soon)
  3. Angered Season


Young Adult

  1. Tyler’s Story
  2. Chael’s Luck


Middlegrade as M.G. Chester

Faerie Dreams:  Dreamwalker, Lady of the Lake, The Little One (coming soon)


Where to find author on social media:






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