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Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the talented, award-winning poet and Readers’ Favorite, David Ellis. Interviews are always so much fun and it was nice being able to discuss my writing process, past publications, and future projects!

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Wonderful News and Big Changes!

Hi Friends!

This year has been a little crazy for me, but I’m still working on bringing you some amazing stories of the paranormal persuasion!

I worked very hard over the last few months and managed to move my family while having the privilege to publish another novella, Tethered, which is featured in Spellbound: A Paranormal Young Adult Novella Collection. I hope you check it out!

I’ve also been so fortunate to get picked up by BrixBaxter Publishing and we’re working day and night to get the Light Keeper Series re-released!

Book One: The Legend of the Light Keeper is available now with added content and a gorgeous new cover from JSMarx Design!

I’d like to thank BrixBaxter for believing in me and my series and giving me a new publishing home and best yet, a new publishing family! Change can often be scary, but the changes I’ve made this year are truly amazing and I look forward to the future! Thanks so much to everyone for your love and support! Now, I’m off to work on Book 4!



Echoes of Winter -Now Available!

EoW Front Cover

I’m so excited about this release and I wanted to share a little bit of what you’ll find in the pages of this amazing YA collection. Myself and twelve others have written these never before published stories just for you and just in time for the holiday season. Not only that, but we’re giving one lucky reader a $75. Amazon gift card! It could be you! To register for your chance, follow this link!

And don’t forget to grab your copy here!

So without further ado, here’s what’s inside the pages.

Click the author’s names to see their other books! 

Book 1: Twelve Days to Christmas by L.A. Starkey


Jessie Young hates the holidays.
It’s simple, you see.
Too many holly jolly people,
gathered ‘round the Christmas tree.
But the snow starts to fall,
and the joy seems like fun.
Only twelve days until Christmas,
She can’t wait till it’s done!

Book 2: Christmas Seasoning by DB Nielsen


Winter weddings are meant to be magical but when her brother’s fiancée turns into Bridezilla, seventeen-year-old Ellie Henderson can’t wait to escape from dress fittings, wedding plans and rehearsal dinners. It’s anything but happy holidays until she meets the sexy, tempting Simon whose sweet kisses threaten to spice things up this Christmas season…

Book 3: Merry Chris Witch by CK Dawn


Magic is real and dreams do come true. Be careful what you Witch for. Chris Heron is a witch who loathes the holiday season. What’s even worse is getting expelled from private coven school on Halloween and having to attend public magic school, where Santa’s son is visiting and has all the girls in a frenzy. Fairies, mermaids, elves, even the trolls are swooning over Kris Kringle Jr. All except for one girl, and she’s a North Pole mystery that has Chris intrigued. Will he be able to put his prejudices aside in time to see the true magic all around him?

Book 4: Wrapped in the Past by Chess Desalls


In the worlds of the Everywhere and Everywhen, all times and places are connected and there’s more than one way to travel. “Wrapped in the Past” follows Shirlyn Hall from 1930s England to ancient Persia. The Halls travel through time using a vehicle licensed by the Time and Space Travel Agency. After a mishap threatens to send their ride home without them, the youngest of the magi exhibits a hidden talent that leaves an impression on his elders and on Shirlyn’s heart.

Book 5: Butterflies in the Snow by D.E.L. Connor


Rose isn’t interested in any high school romance, her only desire is to see her Mom and little sister for Christmas, and she will do anything to get to them. But when she steals Josh’s prized vintage Mustang car. he embarks on a mission to discover her carefully guarded secret and hopefully win her heart.

Book 6: The Darkest Night of the Year by Tim Hemlin


Bobby Hawthorne loves the magic of the holidays, and for the first time he can share the truth behind the magic with Angelina, the girl that he loves and with whom he shares a special bond. But when the magic literally starts to disappear, along with Angelina, he realizes a sinister force has entered the light of his world and his only hope may reside in a frightened stranger with a dark secret of her own.

Book 7: Cold Hearth by Kelly Hall


Dahlia Dane is back with a vengeance, and wants nothing more than to make her brother miserable for his recent betrayal. But when Dominic is captured, and his fate is in the balance, will Dahlia give up what she wants to save him, or will sibling rivalry survive Christmas?

Book 8: Code X by W.J. May


Seventeen year old Whitney is a child of untapped potential whose only outlet into the world is through her computer and the cybernetic wilderness that she has limited access to. Better than mosthackers, Whitney engages in cybervigilantism, but also knows that shes more than a little drawn touncovering secrets. Eventually shes going to get caught, but how many dark and mysterious places can she find before she does?

Book 9: Good Saint Nick by Lu J Whitley


Trying his best to live by the rules at the strict Kringle & Sons Workshop, Nicklaus dreams about what life is like in the outside world. One stormy winters night, Edie steals her way into his life andhis heart, and shows him what it can be like to throw away the rules and have some fun. Together,they set off on a wild sleigh ride that will go down in history as the night a legend is born.

Book 10: Soaring by K.K. Allen


On an Alaskan cruise in the dead of winter, Emma and Luke find each other under the aurora borealis, a phenomenon that bonds them in the most unlikely of ways. While Luke teaches Emma what it means to soar, she gives him a reason to stay grounded, but as their journey nears its end memories of a forgotten past surfaceschallenging their futureif a future for them still exists.

Book 11: A Spirits Last Gift by KathyLynn Cross


All Juslynn wants is to attend the Snow Flurry Dance, with her secret love, Carter and possibly receive her first kiss for Christmas. Unfortunately, it never came to pass and now she waits for his kiss from the grave.

Book 12: Winter Trials by K.S. Marsden


With Midwinter just around the corner, Marks Nanna decides that it is time he learnt more about his family heritage. Learning witchcraft shouldnt be too difficult, right?  Balancing school, magic, and the distractions of the gorgeous new guy, should make this a very interesting winter.

Book 13: The Edge by Fleur Camacho


Laura only wants one thing for Christmas, and its the deepest darkest secret of her heart. When a
mysterious man emerges from a fire in her backyard, can he be the key to unlocking the secret she guards so close?

Darkness Echoes Release!


I’m so excited for the release of the Darkness Echoes Anthology tomorrow, October 6, and am super-proud to be a part of this amazing YA collection. I hope you’ll all check it out. It’s available for pre-order now!

Join us tomorrow, Oct. 6th, for our Darkness Echoes Release Day Party on Facebook and ENTER TO WIN A KINDLE FIRE!!

Here’s a peek at what you’ll find in the pages of Darkness Echoes along with some links to the contributing authors.




Til Death do us Part- L.A. Starkey- 


Jennifer and Zach have been best friends since birth, but as their senior year approaches, things change drastically. With little time left to reveal her heart before college, Jen plans a night to remember at the old haunted Vandercamp Mansion for Zach’s birthday. It’s just to be the two of them, and no one was to know, but upon arrival, they realize that their presence was expected. Their connection is forged as realization of their past is granted. A love that stands outside of time and space will not rest – Til Death Do Us Part.

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Witch Moth- Kelly Hall


Dominic Dane has endured his sister Dahlia’s evil deeds for decades while the two serve out their hundred year punishment, but when she threatens to use his new-found crush as her Halloween sacrifice, he realizes she’ll never change. Promising Kitty he will stop at nothing to save her and her friends, Dominic is forced to explain his curse, revealing it’s not just Dahlia who must kill to survive.

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The Coming of the Skin Walker- D.E.L. Connor

When warriors Walking Bear and Nine Fingers rescue amnesia-ridden Lina from the clutches of the immortal Skin Walker they must flee on a harrowing journey where ancient Native American secrets and mysticism unfold, innocence is lost, and the forever bonds of love and friendship are tested.

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Lantern- Chess Desalls
Five days before Halloween, all sixteen-year-old Tori has on her mind is vacationing with her family and scoring lots of candy. Her grandmother’s estate, with its Gothic spires and trails that lead out to the woods, holds an unexpected secret: a lantern that lights up for Tori and nobody else. Certain that it’s a ghost or a prank, she investigates further and discovers a mysterious life that shines in the darkness.
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Cloak of Echoes- CK Dawn
Just as Emma Kincaid came into some disturbing empathic powers, she lost her mother in a car crash. She is also pretty certain she’s being followed, maybe even hunted. But, is it the shadowy creatures that haunt her nightmares or the mysterious guy, shrouded in darkness, who just enrolled at Jefferson High?
Hallowed Eve- DB Nielsen
Ten years after the sinister disappearance of her father, the turmoil begins again with the stealing of souls … Seventeen-year-old Evee is forced to accept her birthright of dark secrets and death as she inherits the role of Soul Guardian; a role that brings her into the dangerous influence of a coven of witches and the enigmatic, alluring Hunter, Ben, to defeat the rise of dark magick.


Avoiding Eye Strain~ Tips for Busy Writers


Hey fellow readers, writers, and anyone else that spends a ridiculously long time online or on a device, this blog is for you.

Some of you have seen pictures of me before, and will notice right away that in this one above, I’m wearing glasses. I normally take them off for photographs, but today I’ve decided to share this picture in the spirit of eye health awareness. I’m not a doctor, or even trying to play one on the internet, but my latest experience has made me want to share with you the importance of eye health and a few tips for avoiding eye strain.

Two years ago, I was told that while my prescription had not changed much, I needed to limit my time online. Being a writer, who works on my computer, markets online, and basically does everything online, it’s easier said than done.  By the end of the day, my eyes were so tired that I had severe headaches and had double vision even with my glasses on. Night driving was out. The other headlights would blind me so badly, that everything would go black for a few seconds as my brain would reboot and refocus. If I didn’t get enough sleep, my eyes were so tired in the morning and things were still blurry even with my glasses, and my eyeballs ached. I was prescribed bifocals to help with the strain and told to wear my glasses full time. Being told this two days before my fortieth birthday didn’t set well with me. I mean, what a way to say, “You’re getting old!” than needing granny glasses. But I got them anyway and noticed what a great difference.I started wearing them and continued on with my work, happily ignoring the slight symptoms creeping back up on me. It wasn’t until the eye strain was back with a vengeance that I realized my prescription was outdated by a year, so I made an appointment for a check-up. The strain had started to interfere with my writing, reading, and other work, so I couldn’t get my new glasses fast enough.

At the appointment, after my eyes were nice and dilated, the doctor shined a bright, blinding light into my peepers and started rattling off words to his assistant that didn’t sound too pleasant or positive. While I blinked the spots away, he explained that he found something that he usually doesn’t see in someone my age which is called drusen. Drusen are yellow deposits under the retina that are made of lipids and fatty proteins and can increase the chances of age-related macular degeneration, which causes blindness. Drusen are usually found in people around the age of 60. (I’m 42.) Now, you can Google drusen to read and learn more about it. Again, I’m not here to play doctor or put fear into anyone. I only want you to recognize the amount of stress you might be putting on your own eyes since it’s so easy to get caught up in our day to day and ignore these issues. So, after learning about drusen and that my prescription had changed drastically, it was suggested that I get a lens called Crizal Prevencia to block blue-violet light which comes from the sun, some indoor lights, and most computer monitors and devices.

I’ve had my new glasses about a month now and the blue blocking lenses are amazing. Within the first week, not only could I see much better with my stronger prescription, but the light from my computer doesn’t hurt my eyes and cut my work time short, sunlight doesn’t make me squint like before, and I do better driving at night without the other headlights blinding me. I strongly recommend it for anyone who wears glasses and works on the computer for long hours. If you are not on the computer, but use smaller devices constantly, you can buy a clear shield to put over the device’s screen that will filter out the blue-violet light.

If you are having any of these issues— if anything I’m saying sounds familiar to you, please go and get your eyes checked. If you wear glasses, don’t go as long as I did for a repeat exam, especially if you are experiencing eye strain.  Again, I’m not an eye doctor, but here are some of the tips my eye doctor gave me to help prevent eye strain:

Don’t forget to blink. It may seem silly, but consider this: We actually blink way less often when we are reading or staring into our devices. It’s true and hours and hours of this add up.

Do not read on a computer or device that omits light while sitting in the dark. Yeah, those lovely digital books are so handy to read in the dark without disturbing the entire family, but you’re straining your eyes. It’s suggested that you have 50% of the light that shines from your device for the light of the room you’re in. And guess what, this includes watching TV in the dark too. Turn on a lamp and balance out the light. You’ll be glad you did.

Stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water will help with that dry eye tendency you might be experiencing from staring at the screen so long without blinking. You can also use eye drops now and then if needed.

Take breaks to rest your eyes. I know it’s sometimes hard to find time to eat or even go to the bathroom when you’re in the middle of a vigorous writing session, but just like those things are important to your health, so is resting your eyes.

Get enough sleep. Staying up late nights is often necessary for writers and readers too. I’m guilty of staying up until four a.m. more than once trying to finish a great book. The more sleep we get the better for our eyes. They’ll be much better rested for a day full of work and you’ll have many more days of good eye health to read and write!

Now, for those of you who think that you’re too young for all this or that you’ve always had perfect vision and always will— I used to think the same thing. I had great vision my entire life up until I was about in my mid-thirties and started spending more time online reading and writing. My eye health has deteriorated drastically and swiftly due to the amount of strain and stress I put on them. Get regular eye exams and take some of these tips to heart. Do what you can so your eyes will stay healthy for life.


Cover Reveal~ Macyn’s Awakening by S.L. Stacker

Coming August 18th! The second installment of the Macyn McIntyre series by S.L. Stacker 

About Macyn’s Awakening~

Macyn McIntyre’s search for Richard Jacobs and those involved in her abduction reveals much of her adult life isn’t as she was led to believe. With help from her past and present, she uncovers secrets about those close to her—secrets that may result in certain death for those involved.

New partnerships are forged as others end. Enemies become allies, and friends become enemies. The web of lies carefully constructed by others begins to unravel, allowing Macyn to close in on Jacobs. The deeper she dives into the past, the more she finds herself questioning her actions. Is she doing the right thing? Should she forget about this crazed man and concentrate on her new life with Devon? Death, a marriage proposal, and a phone call will make the decision for her.

Macyn’s Awakening proves life, happiness, and love are worth fighting for.



About S.L. Stacker~

S.L. Stacker is a romantic suspense author and novelist with Booktrope publishing. She has written and published three books in the Macyn McIntyre series. Her current projects include several fiction novels, but her focus is the Sisters of Summit Bay series. When she isn’t throwing her readers for a loop and leaving them wanting more, she can be found relaxing and hanging with her husband, children, and dog. You can visit her at

Release Day~The Secret of Strange Waters (Light Keeper #2)

The Secret of Strange Waters- NEW COVER

A year ago, I never dreamed that I’d have one of my books published, much less two! So today I am super happy to be releasing my second book, The Secret of Strange Waters, which is book two in the Light Keeper Series.

In celebration, I’m offering my first book in digital form for just .99 cents through the entire month of August! So not only can you, pick up Book 2, but catch up on Book 1 with a great deal! The books are available online with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes!

I’m also having a release day party over on Facebook to celebrate, so stop on over and meet some amazing authors, fabulous prizes and lots of fun!

Speaking of prizes, at the event I’m giving away a $20. gift card to, plus a print copy of both Light Keeper books 1 and 2! So stop on by  HERE and help me celebrate!


Amazon Author Page






Cover Reveal- The Secret of Strange Waters

Hi Readers,

It’s another exciting day for me because I finally get to share with you the cover for my second release, The Secret of Strange Waters, which will be available August 3, and want to thank the lovely and talented, Melody Barber, for another beautiful cover!

The Secret of Strange Waters- Blue Title RGB

Unfortunately for Lily Jordan, being a Light Keeper doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but neither does being sixteen. While learning to use her powers, she’s confronted with unforeseen obstacles and forced to break her own rules in order to save her circle of friends.

With her mom’s wedding on the horizon, will misinterpreted visions create new enemies who could threaten Lily’s exposure? Will death and heartache ruin the big day? For Lily, the answers only lead to impossible decisions. Does she embrace her powers or abandon them for false normalcy?

Kelly Hall’s second book, The Secret of Strange Waters, proves paranormal powers aren’t always a blessing.



Adventures in Naming Characters


One of my favorite parts of writing is choosing my character’s names. I love creating characters with strong, distinct personalities who are memorable.  I love the names I chose for my characters in The Legend of the Light Keeper, but I will admit, those choices taught me a thing or two. You’d think choosing names would be easy, but here are some of my stumbles that prove otherwise.

Spell Check: My first issue was spell check. I had chosen the names  Lily, Hunter, and Talon that would NOT pick up on spell check since lily, hunter, and talon are nouns and perfectly acceptable not capitalized. I had to keep a close eye on those words, especially Hunter and Lily, since I’m not an ambi-shifter, and can’t shift using my left hand. (Oh the shame! I’m the Zoolander of typing.)  What I finally did was use my Find feature in Word to go through and double check and make the corrections. In the end, I’m glad I kept the names I did, because after writing four more books using those character names, they’ve kind of grown on me. I couldn’t imagine them named anything else, but choosing differently from the start would have saved me a ton of trouble.

Keeping it simple: I’ve learned choosing common spellings is best. Throwing in a ton of extra letters, changing the common Y to EE, or adding in a strange Z and a silent G, H, or X is only going to create more work for me and my reader. I’ve read so many books that had some really memorable names that were spelled ten kinds of crazy, and I didn’t want to do that to anyone. Besides, I tried that once and then found myself going back to see how I spelled the name, because it was so strange that even I couldn’t remember how to spell it. And you’d think a simple name like Cate would be easy enough, but no, I even had to add Cate to my dictionary to avoid all of those annoying red squiggles. I loathe red squiggles.

Avoiding confusion:  Another thing I did with The Legend of the Light Keeper, that didn’t survive past the editing process, was name Lily’s grandmother Grammy. That alone would have been great, but with Owen and Hunter’s grandmother being named Granny, it kind of made for confusion, not only for me, but for my readers. So in the end I changed Grammy to Gram. I learned to make sure that my readers can distinguish who I’m talking about with ease.  Having to pause to figure it out only slows a reader down.

So you see, even the simplest things like choosing a character’s name is not so simple. Writing is a fun adventure just like reading, so if you’re a writer or aspiring, I hope this helps to make things smoother, if not for you, then for your readers. There is a method to the madness. Happy reading! Oh, and…Happy writing! 😉

Author Spotlight-Mireille Chester

This week’s blog is in honor of Mireille Chester’s new release, Crossover (The Chosen Trilogy: book one)! Today is her release day, and I’m gearing up to go celebrate with her at her release party! So join me in congratulating her and wishing her the best of success!



Crossover (The Chosen One Trilogy: book one)



Twenty-three-year-old Hayden Carlson never led an exciting life, but that was how she preferred it. She never expected that an innocent trail ride in the woods would change her life forever. Suddenly, Hayden is pulled into a world she never knew existed and discovers a future awaits her there she isn’t prepared to accept…until she meets the mysterious Jasper. Drawn to his quiet, conflicted spirit and entranced by his blue eyes, Hayden finds herself experiencing feelings she has never felt before and wondering where all this might lead.

Hayden’s presence in Quelondain creates tension. Amidst constant danger, she finds true love and through it all determines where she will take her stand in the conflict her arrival ignites between good and evil.

If you love fantasy, action, and romance, Crossover-Book One in a debut Fantasy Romance trilogy by Mireille Chester—is for you.


Mireille Author Pic

Author Bio:

Mireille Chester is a stay at home mom of three children and wife to an amazingly supportive husband. Her time is spent playing with the kids, reading, writing, and watching movies with her hubby.

Mireille is a fantasy author who loves to spend time in made up worlds filled with magic. She is a firm believer that no hero is perfect and that all villains are burdened with a tiny shred of humanity. While she writes her Adult and YA novels under the name Mireille Chester, she is now writing a middle grade series under the name M.G. Chester.


Other books by Mireille:



  1. The Chosen One Trilogy: Crossover, Journey, Destiny
  2. The Witteck Chronicles: A Witteck’s Dream, A Witteck’s Call (coming soon)
  3. Angered Season


Young Adult

  1. Tyler’s Story
  2. Chael’s Luck


Middlegrade as M.G. Chester

Faerie Dreams:  Dreamwalker, Lady of the Lake, The Little One (coming soon)


Where to find author on social media: