About Kelly


Dream. Create. Inspire.

Those words have always held special meaning to me.

I’ve always loved to dream of different worlds and as a child would often create houses and towns for my dolls. I spent hours drawing pictures of characters and by the time I was done with them, they each had names, personalities, and a back story. I also love to read and have found countless hours of escape in the pages of various genres, though my favorites have always had a touch of paranormal.

Throughout my life I’ve always had some varying artistic hobby. I consider myself a dabbler, having taught myself many different arts and crafts from crochet to cake decorating. What I haven’t taught myself, I’ve learned from my talented mother who is always an inspiration to me.

When I’m not being a wife and mother or elbow deep in ink and icing, I’m writing and taking all those things I dream about to create something that I hope is an inspiration to my readers.